Sincerely Shans LLC is a health and wellness company, under the ownership of Shanon Whittingham, dedicated to impelling lives to conquer HEALth through embodying wholeness. Shanon takes a integrative approach to provide a myriad of in-person/online content, resources, events, and services to individuals around the world. We believe it is imperative to see the interdependence and importance of caring for the WHOLE body, mind, and spirit in order to achieve optimal health and well-being.


A world where all thrive in their overall health through the transformational power of caring for the body, mind, and spirit.


To impel lives to conquer HEALth through embodying wholeness.



  • Amplify the contribution of health and wellness information

  • Conduct systematic reviews on various products and services available to the public

  • Provide and share the discovery of evidence-based holistic health options and alternatives


  • Provide a myriad of in-person and online services to individuals and communities around the world

  • Accelerate progress in improving good health and overall well-being through being a trusted resource for others.

  • Utilize media outlets to educate and promote resources to the public


  • Advance global influence of reducing the prevalence of malnutrition, obesity, and other chronic diseases through effective alliances/partnerships

  • Impact policies through participation in legislative and regulatory processes to support research at local, state, federal, and global levels

  • Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize partnerships through voluntarism with others.



  • Video and Blogs - We gather intel on core audiences, influencer storytelling techniques, and current topics to deliver an arsenal of strategic content across all social media platforms in an engaging way.

  • Social Media Integration & Newsletters - We include exclusive details on information, events, and more to connect all to others within the physical, mental, and spiritual wellness communities.



  • Holistic Health Coaching - Individualized holistic health coaching that strategically help others identify and reach specific goals through education and personal support.

  • Holistic Health Consultation - Holistic Health Consultation that evaluates your specific health and wellness needs.

  • Meal Plans - Personalized meal plan that is tailored to your diet and health goals.


  • Monthly Digging Deeper Seminar - Free monthly seminar open to the public focused on helping others to grow in faith, love, and hope in their spiritual lives.

  • Annual Women Only Brunch - An annual women only brunch held to empower and be empowered by women of all backgrounds.



  • Partnerships - We spread the word about amazing products and services through influencing the opinion and purchase decisions of others through reviews. We also write content for online blogs and magazines.

  • Wellness programs - We work with corporations to implement workshops and ongoing programs that include information sessions and activities such as exercise, healthy weight loss/gain sessions, tobacco-cessation programs and more designed to help others to eat better, reduce risk of illness and disease, and improve overall health.

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CEO and Founder


Multifaceted Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Founder of Sincerely Shans, Shanon is a woman of sincerity, vision, and purpose. Shanon embodies a truthful and transparent approach when it comes to impelling others to embody wholeness and live a wholesome life. Apart from overseeing her own company, she is a brand ambassador, health coach, and holistic health advocate for various brands and organizations. Shanon has accumulated over 2.2 million views and over 15 thousand subscribers across all her platforms. She has coached thousands of individuals from across the world, helping many exceed their own expectations in reaching their goals.

“Ultimately, I strive to remain undisputed, genuine, and always sincere through what I do and share with others. As I learned more about caring for my physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, Sincerely Shans was created to be a platform where others can be inspired and empowered to do the same.” - Shanon