Digging Deeper: Free Seminar in NYC!

What is Digging Deeper?

Digging Deeper is a seminar held in the Bronx, New York geared towards providing a space for all to talk about and study various pressing biblical topics.  Shanon, CEO and Founder of Sincerely Shans LLC, created Digging Deeper as a subsidiary of the "Salt & Light" pillar of her company, dedicated to providing encouragement for all to exercise faith, hope, and love in their lives. 

The first Digging Deeper seminar was held on January 23, 2017 at the Caldwell AME Zion Church. Since then it has grown tremendously. Digging Deeper is free for all to attend and free light refreshments are always served.  If you plan on attending be sure to register so that proper accommodations can be made for you and your guests!  

*Donations are always kindly accepted*

Some of the topics from our previous seminars:

  • How can I stay focused in an ever distracting world? 
  • How can I renew my mind?
  • How can I increase my faith?
  • How can I care for and maintain the overall health of my body?
  • What does my mental health have to do with my faith? 
  • How can I become a daily living sacrifice to Yahweh(God)?
  • What does it mean to be whole?

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