How To Find Your Niche

I once found myself feeling saddened and insecure when I looked at the beauty that existed within the world and realized that I wasn’t able to do ALL the things that I loved. I wanted to be a graphic designer, a photographer, a videographer, an artist, a Youtuber, an author, and the list goes on and on.

I asked questions such as "Why can't I do that"? "Why can't I find time to do all the things I love"? I began comparing myself to the multitude of talent that existed around me and doubted my very own capabilities. I soon realized that trying to fulfill multiple roles all at once would become extremely stressful, unmanageable, and wouldn't yield nearly great results. I came to the conclusion that I was comparing myself to people who spent most of their time and days ONLY doing and perfecting that ONE thing!

People who fulfill each of these individual roles work day in and day out perfecting "their role." They buy the material, have sleepless nights, and spend a lump sum of money to fulfill THEIR role, to perfect that ONE thing. Also, I realized that my viewpoint of their role may just be a small portion of the massive amount of work they put in behind closed doors, and me trying to perfect multiple roles would drive me crazy! So what was my remedy? I found my role and took actionable steps to hone in on my niche and perfect it!

Here are some things that I did that I thought I should share to help you find your niche if you feel like you have been feeling the same or just don't know where to start.

Find what you absolutely love to do - What do you like to do as a hobby, on your extra time, or after work? What is something that you realize you're good at or that others have pointed out that you are? Identify your interests and passions. What is something you could do every day even if you weren't getting paid to do it?

Identify a problem you can solve - What is an existing or prevalent problem that exists within the world that you could solve? Or what is something that most people enjoy doing? Eating, playing video games, etc.? Write those things down and see how your passions can help.

Be realistic and test your idea - What you can continuously invest time and money in? After you've figured that out, test the idea over a matter of months to see if it reaps benefits for you and others.

Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you SET your mind to it.