Top tips to grow your YouTube channel, blog, or online business!

It's time to expand your Youtube Channel, Blog, Website, and Online business! Not sure where to start?  Here's my top tips to help you grow your audience!

  • Be consistent
    Create a schedule - having a set date and time will help people to know that you're serious about what you do! Not only will they be looking for content, but if they are following or subscribed to your account  they will receive notification of new material!
  • Know your niche
    To find and create an audience this is very important! I have a blog post on how to find your niche, that you can read by clicking the title. This will help to narrow your audience and reach the right people that will be very engaged with your content, leading to them sharing it with others. Having a target audience is also important when other brands and companies want to work with you.
  • Make Use of What You Have
    You do not need expensive equipment or programs to start! Sometimes by utilizing what you have it forces you to think outside of the box and be innovative and creative! I'm a firm believer that it's best to just start, rather than to plan 24/7 and not get anything out at all. Start with what you have and reach someone! You never know who might need what you have to offer.
  • Distribution > Creation
    Spend time promoting on different platforms as much, or even more than, you spend time creating! This is soooo important! If you spend 2 hours creating a video, spend 2 hours or more distributing it, on different days, and at different times, so that it spreads out your promotions throughout the week! This will ensure that those who go on social media in the morning will see it, as well as those who probably check their phone towards the ending of the day.
  • Have fun & be authentic
    Be authentic and do the things you love. I made a video on how I became successful on youtube(click here to watch), talking about how it wasn't about the equipment I had or the quality of my video, but my authenticity that drew viewers and made one of my videos actually go viral! Sometimes it's best to just do you, and stay true! It's the best way to connect with others.
  • Do Your Research
    Everything that I do is as a result of learning. I used as much resources, and continue to do so everyday to grow my audience. From watching videos online, reading books, reading articles, and even just talking to other people that are experts, I make it a habit to learn! Do your research and allow it to help you to expand your knowledge about your specific niche.

What are some other tips that you have to grow your audience? Share them below!