Top 10 Ways to SAVE money!


Here are 5 ways of how you can save money this year! For the additional five tips to make up the 10 check out the video below and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more amazing free videos to come! 

  1. Extend OR change your payment dates for all bills - Did you know that  you can change the due date for your payments, even if you are within a billing cycle? For example, one time I had a phone bill that was due and I knew I wouldn't be able to pay the bill on time. I called T-mobile, and they were able to delay my payment due date for up to two weeks! This saved me money in the end as I was not charged a late fee! Cha-Ching $$!! Also if the payment due date that you currently have for a bill doesn't work for you, you can change the date for that as well! So for example, if you get paid on the 15th and 30th of the month, perhaps you would like for you bills to be due sometime during the week after  the 15th or the week after the 30th. That way you know you will have the funds to pay everything on time!
  2. Save coupons and check online for more coupons before buying ANYTHING - You can practically find coupons for ANY store online! You can usually find a coupon online from websites like or . If you haven't tried any of these websites, what are you waiting for?! These websites are free to use! 
  3. Budget - Need I say more? I budget all of my bills and I encourage you to do the same. Write down the priorities first, such as rent, utilities, Cable/TV, Phone, Grocery/Misc, and of course savings.  Yes, saving is a priority, even if you don't have a specific thing you may be saving for. After you've written down the cost for each, evaluate how you can pay these bills on a monthly basis. If you find that you aren't living within your means maybe you can cut down on something. Maybe spend less at the grocery store? Maybe you can call your phone company and ask for a cheaper plan? Remember, there are ALWAYS cheaper alternatives. 
  4. Make A Shopping List -  Shopping lists are always helpful to make sure that you are buying only the things that you need! Make a list on your phone and take it with you the next time you go shopping. Try your hardest to only buy the things that are on that list. If you want to add  things while you are there, ask yourself if what you are considering to add to the list will be beneficial for you and your monthly budget.
  5. Check your statement -  As much as I can say that I am pretty good at saving and budgeting, there's always room for unexpected charges to apply on certain things that I may buy. I recently found out that if something is on your bank statement that you didn't buy, your bank can dispute the transaction and give you back the money! 

I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any additional money saving tips for 2017 that you'd like to share with me comment below!  If you haven't already checked out the video for the other 5 tips, feel free to watch below!