Stay Organized & Achieve Your Goals (7 Tips!)

Happy new year! This is my first official post and episode of 2017 and it feels great! I can’t wait to see what lies ahead! I have a couple things planned for my channel and website. This post is about the strategies that I use to help me plan for the year ahead! Be sure to subscribe, by clicking the word "subscribe", to stay tuned for new episodes on Sincerely Shans.

  • WRITE IT OUT - Whether it's on your phone, computer, notebook, or planner it’s so important to write out your goals! Map out whatever it is that you want to accomplish such as important dates/events, deadlines, birthdays, and any other pertinent information! Write it out, and get it out of your head so that your brain can be free of the clutter of having too many things to think about at once. 
  • CREATE SUBGOALS- This concept, often call "subgoal labeling" is often used in fields of cognitive science and educational psychology. Creating subcategories for your goals is so important in regards to creating a plan of action. It’s one thing to write the goal down but another to actually write out how you’re going to execute it! Do both!



  • KEEP IT SIMPLE - Do not overwhelm yourself with so many tasks within one month or week. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself to the point where you end up getting nothing done. Trying to be a "macho-woman/man" isn't always the best choice. Keep things simple by pushing yourself to certain limits with your goals but also by being realistic.

  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP+FOOD+EXERCISE - Need I say more? If you’re not taking care of these primary needs you will struggle to achieve your goals. A lack of sleep, food, or physical activity has been linked to fatigue, lack of motivation,  decrease in creativity, and so much more! So get your sleep on, grub, and get active! Daily!
  • CREATE A MOTIVATING MANTRA/THEME - I love creating mantras and themes to keep me motivated. Whether it’s something to encourage myself or to get me through a certain season, having a theme can keep you focused on your goals by constantly encouraging yourself with positive words of affirmation. Guess what my theme this year is? Be Inspired, Live Holistically! Oh, and feel free to have more than one theme/mantra! Another one of mine is “A plain and simple life is a full life."  This is also actually a verse in the bible! 
Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 9.56.40 PM.png


  • BE POSITIVE - Be sure to purge the negativity and indulge in positivity throughout the process. Write inspirational posts in your phone,  on the background of your computer, on your fridge, in your notebook, everywhere! Stay positive and refuse to accept negativity, whether that may be from the thoughts in your own head or other peoples negative opinions about the things you want to achieve. No matter what remember that everything will work together for your good.
  • REFLECT, QUESTION  & MOVE FORWARD - Each month (or week -  if you can) reflect on whether or not you are working towards achieving your goals in a timely matter according to whatever deadlines you might’ve set. Don’t beat up on yourself if you are not meeting them, but if you realize that a certain strategy isn’t working, re-evaluate how you may want to get it done. Rememberyour life is a canvas, and you decide how you want to execute the art.

I hope this post has helped you in some way or another on how you can get organized and achieve your goals! Comment below letting people know one way you stay organized and achieve your goals. I'm sure you could be an encouragement and motivation for someone else! Spread the love <3.