Should We Work Together?

✓ You want to lose weight to shed belly fat 
✓ You need help with being consistent with your health goals
✓ You are struggling to lose or gain weight 
✓ You want to tone up your legs and stomach
✓ You want to feel fit or stronger
✓ You want to learn easy ways to cook delicious and healthy meals that save time
✓ You over-exercise, especially around times when you feel you ate too many calories
✓ You have unhealthy food cravings and do not know how to stop them
 You know fad diets don't work but don't know how to eat in a way that works for you

I Specialize In...

  • Plant-Based Functional Nutrition - I will help you eat nutritiously through eating more plant-based foods, while discovering what works best for your body's unique needs.

  • Weight Management - Whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain your weight I will help you to reach your goals through behavior modifications.

  • High Blood Pressure Prevention & Management - I can work with you to get to the root cause of your hypertension through lifestyle changes.

  • Diabetes Prevention - If you are pre-diabetic I can help you to better manage your blood sugar levels through nutrition interventions, exercise, and weight management. 

Fight Dis-ease

Optimal health is more than what you eat. Equally important is what you think. Reaching a desired goal is as much of a mental game as a physical one. There is anxiety about changing routines, fear of failure, and confusion about how it got to this point. I will help you navigate barriers so that you can reach your goals while optimizing your mental well-being and overall body-confidence.

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12 Weeks To A Better You

Your program will run for 12 weeks. With my support there is no failing. During the program everything you need is perfectly outlined, well-explained, and easy to apply. Browse each package to see what specific accommodations would benefit you during the 12 weeks.

Payment is accepted in 3 installments: a non-refundable deposit, second installment, and final installment prior to your program ending.Your payment schedule will be outlined in your agreement.





Unlimited Messages

Direct messaging through my health tracking app to ensure 24/7 access to me in between sessions.


Detailed Weekly Protocol

Read or print out exactly what you should be focusing on each week. 

Intuitive Eating Guide

Learn about portion control and the difference between physical and emotional hunger.



Educational Recommendations

Read books, articles, and evidenced-based resources to deepen your knowledge on health topics. 


Food and Lifestyle Database   Log your exercise, mood, fluid intake, and recipes. Each week I will assess your logs.

Grocery Shopping Guide

Learn how to  shop for food like a nutrition professional and look out for marketing tactics. 

You will get a special account to track your progress!

Log into your private portal from your phone, computer, or tablet to communicate with me.

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Welcome to Sincerely Shans! My name is Shanon Whittingham and I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, and the founder of Sincerely Shans. Sincerely Shans is a holistic health and nutrition private practice committed to helping you thrive from within.

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