Do you offer any food or meal plans? 

Yes! Please see my Health Coaching page!


Do you have a cookbook?

Unfortunately not, but in the meantime, enjoy all the free recipes that can be found on the blog.


Why the name Sincerely Shans?

I created this name to let my audience know that everything I share with others is authentic.


How can someone become a dietitian?

It really differs depending on the province/state/country you plan to study in. I recommend doing a quick search online for the programs in your area. I attend Pace University, and I am completing a coordinated program for a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics; this includes an internship that consist of 1,200 hours of supervised practice at several locations,  and is to be followed by a jurisprudence exam. Upon completion of all of this I must maintain my credential through continuing education credits for as long as I hope to practice as a Registered Dietitian. 


How can  someone become a health coach or nutritionist?

There are quite a few schools that offer certification to become a health coach. I received training as a health and wellness coach, that is credentialed under the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching, from Noom Inc. I have also heard that integrativenutrition.com is pretty good as well.


Where are you from?

My parents are from Jamaica, and I've been there several times. I identify as an African American from Brooklyn, New York, as that is where I was born and raised. 


How long have you been plant-based?

On-and-off since July 2017.


When did you start making Youtube videos?

I made videos on-and-off since March 2013. I have since deleted some videos that were not in my current niche. (I do not recommend deleting your videos, just make them private. I wish I had done this in the past!)


What's your favorite way to pass time?  

Watching YouTube videos, organizing/planning, reading, and spending time with others!


Wait, I have some questions that weren't answered! 

Don't worry, you can contact me directly by visiting the contacts page!

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Welcome to Sincerely Shans! My name is Shanon Whittingham and I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, and the founder of Sincerely Shans. Sincerely Shans is a holistic health and nutrition private practice committed to helping you thrive from within.

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