Stop counting calories and start getting


to get the results you want.

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Are you confused about all those different health messages? Do you just want to find something that’s sustainable and really works? Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or improve your overall eating habits, this plan is designed to help you kickstart your health journey. Cook balanced meals, make practical lifelong changes, and feel good from the inside out. Because everyone has different starting points and goals,  this plan is tailored to help you identify what your specific goals are and give you practical science-based approaches for improved health.

  • Digitally track your food, physical activity, weight, and milestones so we can analyze consistent patterns

  • Weekly S.M.A.R.T Goals that are realistic for your lifestyle to reach your desired results

  • Unlimited daily instant messaging and support

  • Sync your Fitbit or Apple watch​ to track your daily steps

  • Weekly check-ins to encourage and support you

  • Meal plan with delicious recipes

  • Monthly one-on-one private coaching sessions via phone 

  • Health and wellness worksheets and checklists that tackle  anxiety, stress, exercise, and hygiene health for overall improved health

Some days you are going to have a piece of CAKE

Some days you are going to eat too much. Some days you are going to eat too little. This is all okay. Optimizing your health isn't about perfection, it's about progress. 

Set realistic SMART(Specific, Measuring, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound) goals that will allow you to thrive and become the healthiest version of yourself!


The 90-Day Integrative Health Coaching program consists of a foundational course focused on behavior change that will help you learn, practice, and master healthy habits. You’ll receive lessons with tips, challenges, and strategies to help you start taking action right away. Here is a brief overview of the topics you will be learning about:


Week 1: Introduction & Goal Setting

Week 2: Your Why-Factor & Ideal Self 

Week 3: Detoxing, Intermittent Fasting, & Gut Health

Week 4: Calorie Density/Volumetrics

Week 5: Mindfulness & Moderation

Week 6: Rekindling Motivation

Week 7: Meal Prep, Lifestyle Habits, & Routines 

Week 8: Fitness Debunked

Week 9: Eating Out & Portion Control

Week 10: Mental Health: Stress, Self-Care, &  Triggers

Week 11: Conquering Fear, Relapses, & Plateaus

Week 12: Sleep Foundations

Week 13: Mindset & Thriving on Your Own


previous clients

Debbie W.

Health Coaching Client

from Boston, MA

Edith M.

Health Coaching Client

from Sidney, AU

Health Coaching Client

Samuel D.

from San Diego, CA


To understand and STOP unhealthy food cravings
 To achieve your SPECIFIC goals through consistent ACCOUNTABILITY and support
 To improve your QUALITY of sleep so you can feel energized for the ENTIRE day
To learn SIMPLE yet delicious ways to meal plan and prep
 To discover a healthy REGIMEN that works for YOUR schedule and lifestyle
 To eradicate anxiety and discover evidence-based mechanisms to MANAGE STRESS
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