How to Overcome Difficult Circumstances

Life is a roller coaster and you rarely ever know what dips and turns to expect. Here are five practical ways that I stay afloat of difficult circumstances. These techniques incorporate things that can uplift your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Change your environment and engage in an uplifting activity - When we are discouraged, sometimes it is easier to throw ourselves a pity party. Finding a positive activity to do may feel like the extra energy you don’t have. Nevertheless, there‘s always a bit of reserved energy that you can utilize change your mood. Even if it’s just for 2 minutes. Whether it's going for a walk, going out to eat with a friend, praying, or exercising, do something that will positively uplift your spirit. Those 2 minutes may very well turn into an hour.

  • Talk to a trusted person - Contact a person you trust that will allow you to have the opportunity to express what is on your mind, free of judgment . It's important to have an outlet to get things out of your head. I often realize that when I say the things that are in my head out loud, I realize that I was either overthinking, or the situation wasn't as bad as it seemed. Find a trusted friend, mentor, or family member in whom you can express your innermost feelings to.

  • Journal Your Thoughts and Concerns -Sometimes it’s best to simply not say anything at all and just write. Writing out your thoughts is a great way to analyze what is going on in your mind and put things into perspective.

  • Feed Your Spirit - Sometimes understanding that we are spiritual beings, and thus connecting with a higher power, is just what we need to see the big picture of why we may be going through a tough situation. God, Yahweh, allows certain things in our lives to happen due to one, or sometimes all, of these three reasons — to deepen our relationship with Him, to draw others closer to Him, or to make us stronger. During the process, trusting Him is crucial because it allows you to hold on to who is truly in control of the circumstance. Try spending some time in prayer and meditation, and let go of what is not in your control.

How do you overcome difficult circumstances in your life? What do you do to get out of a rut? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.

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