Loaded Kale Salad (+ Kale Tips)

Here is your friendly reminder to eat something green! (+ Quick tips & a recipe for this yummy salad👇🏽😋)

🌱Slow cook multiple batches of dark greens: collards, kale, chard, spinach. Keep in your fridge for a week and add it as a side to every meal.

🌱Masssssssaggeee your kale everyone! It helps to break down the tough cell structure, gives the kale a softer texture, and gentler flavor.


🥬2 kale bunch, chopped

🥬2 avocados, diced

🥬4 teaspoons liquid aminos (natural soy sauce alternative)

🥬1/3 cup cranberries - 1 juice from 1 lemon

🥬 2 cups chickpeas, (drained + rinsed if canned)

🥬1 tablespoon lime juice

Mixed together and enjoy!!

What are some of your favorite kale recipes?



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