How To Avoid Gaining Weight On The Weekend

When it comes to sticking to your health plan, weekends can seem like the wilderness. They’re wild and unpredictable. In reality, you have the power to bring control to your days off. With some simple planning, you can create your own trail map to stay on path, find balance, and effectively enjoy your weekend. Here are my top 5 ways to stay the course on the weekend!

Step 1: Be Aware

Although a little wild, weekends do have a flow. Take a few moments on Friday morning to see what your weekend has in store for you. What meals may be “off target”. Try to pay attention to increasing the amount of fruits or vegetables during those times, so that you consume less calorie-dense, but MORE nutrient-dense foods that will help you stay on track.

Step 2: Take 10-minutes to plan it out

If you plan to eat out, find the restaurant’s menu online if possible and pre-select some healthy meal options for yourself. Then, schedule yourself a 20-30-minute workout Saturday morning, (maybe just a walk or run!), and meal plan for Sunday’s lunch at home. These choices will help balance your day, and keep you on track for the entire weekend.

Step 3: Take Action

Keep your healthy snacks on hand, and stay busy on your feet through the day. This will help you to potentially burn more calories than you intended, because you are remaining active!

Step 4: Remain Focused

Enjoying a night out while trying to stay on track can have its obstacles. You could be pressured by friends, tempted by rich foods, or even feel left out. When tempted, remember why you started this journey and commit to your health. Fill up on water before your meal. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water and set a drink limit for the night. Kindly tell your friend that you’re not having an appetite for whatever unhealthy option they are trying to make you try. Keep these helpful tips in mind while you are enjoying that social time with your friends to ensure that you can enjoy your weekend and honor your goals at the same time.

Step 5: Enjoy Yourself!

You’ve done the planning and prepping, it’s time to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for! Looking at all that you have done to establish a sense of harmony in your choices for your day, you can now feel confident in taking some time to indulge a little and have some fun. At the end of the day, all the prep work you did along your weekend journey will establish balance, rather than perfection!

Which one of these steps can you try this weekend? Which ones are unrealistic for you? Comment below!




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