Going vegan doesn't happen overnight.

You may have cravings. You may have a hard time finding places to eat. You may not always feel full or satisfied with your meals.

I will help you navigate those barriers and provide you with the support

and resources you need.


Trust me, you'll need it.

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Making this lifestyle change is a huge commitment. It is essential to transition in a healthy way so that you do not become deficient in any nutrients that your body needs to function. Throughout the program you will receive a variety of tools and one-on-one support to help you learn how to eat a clean, whole foods plant-based vegan diet that will reduce inflammation and risk of disease, while avoiding common vegan mistakes that can destroy your health.

  • Digitally track your food, physical activity, weight, and milestones so we can analyze consistent patterns

  • Weekly S.M.A.R.T Goals that are realistic for your lifestyle to reach your desired results

  • Unlimited daily messaging and support 

  • Sync your Fitbit or Apple watch​ to track your daily steps

  • Weekly check-ins to encourage and support you

  • Vegan meal plan with recipes

  • Biweekly one-on-one nutritional counseling sessions via phone or video conference

  • 3-month plant-based curriculum with worksheets

  • Doctor Q&A questionnaire form to keep track of your health alongside your primary care physician



Sometimes it seems so overwhelming to go from point A to point B. Especially when you don’t really know your destination! With my support, there’s no more failing to make the switch to a plant-based diet – all the steps you’ll find are well-explained, easily applied, and lead you to success. Learn the keys to making this diet and lifestyle enjoyable and sustainable, no matter where you’re coming from! This program works even for those who are already vegan but don’t feel their best or struggle with staying consistent


The Plant-based Vegan Nutrition program consists of a foundational course focused on helping you transition to a whole foods plant-based diet that is nutritionally sound. The information is easy to digest, actionable, and beautifully designed so that you’ll be able to read through it pretty quickly. Educating yourself on the topics of veganism and nutrition is necessary to have a solid foundation of why and what you’re doing for success.


Week 1: Introduction & Goal Setting

Week 2: Meeting Nutritional Needs: Protein, Carbs, & Fats 

Week 3: Detoxing & Intermittent Fasting

Week 4: Gut Health: Probiotics & Fermented Food

Week 5: Calorie Density/Volumetrics

Week 6: Mindfulness & Moderation

Week 7: Rekindling Motivation

Week 8: Meal Prep, Lifestyle Habits, & Routines 

Week 9: Eating Out & Portion Control

Week 10: Mental Health: Stress, Self-Care, &  Triggers

Week 11: Conquering Fear, Relapses, & Plateaus

Week 12: Sleep Foundations

Week 13: Mindset & Thriving on Your Own


previous clients

Debbie W.

Health Coaching Client

from Boston, MA

Edith M.

Health Coaching Client

from Sidney, AU

Health Coaching Client

Samuel D.

from San Diego, CA


To understand and STOP unhealthy food cravings
To STOP your addiction to cheese.
 To make healthy and EASY meals without any animal products
 To improve your QUALITY of sleep so you can feel energized for the ENTIRE day
To learn SIMPLE yet delicious ways to meal plan and prep on a plant-based diet
 To discover a healthy REGIMEN that works for YOUR schedule and lifestyle
 To eradicate anxiety and discover evidence-based mechanisms to MANAGE STRESS
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